2019 SA Caravan & Camping Guide

CGear Australia Pty Ltd

  • CGear Australia Pty Ltd
  • Features:
  • – Sand and dirt fall readily through the mat
  • – Perfect for use under camp furniture
  • – UV stabilisers minimise degradation of mats from exposure to the sun
  • – Non-absorbent and will not rot or mould
  • – Liquid spills (drinks, etc) go through the mat
  • – Easy to wipe clean
  • – Environmentally friendly on the grass underneath the mat
  • – May also be used for shade or as a wind break
  • – Product is recylable
  • CGear Australia Pty Ltd
  • CGear Australia Pty Ltd
  • CGear Australia Pty Ltd


The CGear Multimat is specifically designed to keep sand and dirt to a minimum. Sand and dirt fall straight through the mat to the ground beneath, but not back up through the mat. The CGear Multimat is ideal for outdoor living areas and provides a sand and dirt free area for camping sites.

The Multimat can be used as a shade mat (Providing 90%+ UV Protection) and as windbreak break mat for screening. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions by a proudly Australian owned company.

The CGear Multimat is lightweight and easy to set up and pack away. Made with reinforced edges and using D rings fitted approximatley every half metre or so right around the mat, the Multimat is durable and won't tear or fray, even if cut, due to rip stop technology. Each Multimat also comes with its own drawstring carry bag.

The C Gear Multimat provides a clean and dust free environment for camping sites, special event and/or work areas. They also offer the following benefits to caravan parks, campers and caravan and motor home devotees.

  • More environmentally friendly to the grass underneath the mat than tarpaulins
  • Allows sand/dirt and water to pass through unlike concrete slabs which accumulate dust and dirt and create pools of water on top of the slab.
  • The Green and Sand colour mats are far more atheistically pleasing than the standard grey concrete site or dusty bare ground.
  • Blend into their natural surroundings and environment
  • The Multimat clearly denote site location within the Parks unlike the current practice of placing pegs in the ground
  • Lightweight.
  • The Multimat is designed to be moved from site to site and is easy to set up and pack away as required.
  • Low maintenance for campers, simply just brush or wipe clean.
  • Helps prevent dust and sand being walked into caravans, campervans and tents.
  • The CGear Multimat is unaffected by salt and acidic ground unlike concrete slabs

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